You’ll first need to go to the section ‘Apply Now‘ to start the recruitment process. After filling your informations, we will contact you shortly for an interview.


Here at LocoTeachers we acknowledge that a lot of our new teachers haven’t had experience in an ‘in-home’ environment before, so to counter this issue we provide additional training on top of the experience and training our teachers already have to ensure our ‘Loco’ teachers are well prepared and keen to go. 


We provide our teachers with our very own LocoKids curriculum. This allows our teachers to be professional, confident, and well prepare to teach our In-Home family based English classes and implement our companies overarching education philosophy.


Our management is here to ensure that you get a full support during your whole journey in China. From accommodation to events, they will make sure that your LocoTeachers experience will be the best experience you can have in China.