Free Guide: Ultimate Guide to Teach in China

A fully updated guide to make your teaching experience profitable:
  • Jobs listing: There is many kind of teaching jobs in China, depending on your style and your goal, you will find the most suitable for you.
  • Tips & Tricks: You'll find everything to know about each kind of jobs, all the pros and cons about each category.
  • Salary: We're the only one, in 2017, that provide a realistic expectation of the salary in China. Discover in this guide how much and where is the best to save the maximum amount of money.

What People Are Saying

Ryan,Teacher in Beijing

“ Making the decision to come to China to teach was the best decision I ever made. I knew the opportunity to work in another country would give me the experiences of being a teacher, learning a new way of life, a new language and a new culture. I had never traveled outside of the Unites States before and knew that I wanted something new in my life, exciting and challenging. LocoTeachers provided me way more than what I expected, they're caring and their salary is definitely the best. ”

Elsa, Teacher in Shanghai

“I was already teaching in Thailand, but salaries back there were really low.. it was a cool experience but I needed something else, something great. I needed to start to pay back my uni, to save for a house, to have some decent holidays and I've got some plans for my future. When I went to China it was so confusing, for the same positions there's a lot of companies, most of them completely illegal, that will try to provide you a work but they end up cheating on you or paying you way too low. When I found LocoTeachers, they took care of me, they provide me with jobs depending on my schedule and my area, they took care of my visa, they helped with my accommodation -  and the pay is  a m a z i n g.