Recruitment Oversea

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    Better Teachers
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    Easier to control
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    They recommend to their friends easier


Current budget for ads: 300 USD monthly
Used since July: 226​​​​USD (99USD Glassdoor + 127USD blog)
Left: 674USD


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    Carolina, she saw us on glassdoor and found us the most professional and "cool"
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    Haley, in Bali island
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    Cameron and Jason in Kuala Lumpur

Current mission

  • Getting a stable income of teachers every month
  • Cooperate with TEFL schools abroad
  • Collaborate with volunteering programs that hire native teachers
  • Collaborate with social media influencer
  • Collaborate with newspaper for an article about us or with us
  • Making the hiring process smooth
  • Taking care of our current Full Time to push them to recommend us to their friends
  • Finding more kind of collaborations

Current Problems

  • Hard to say exactly what is our offer, the teacher is often sceptic
  • We change our contracts too often, but it's getting stable now (we need a meeting to agree on exactly what will be the contract)
  • I am located in China, not efficient at all for hiring oversea
  • No logistic plans, it will create problems in the future
  • I'm alone, my schedule is too full I don't have time to interview nowadays
  • No budget, we can only place small ads with small efficiency
  • We can't rely on teachers who are already in China
  • No plan for the future because I have no idea what will be the budget/resources or even the goals
  • I need time to analyse the concurrence, develop the website, find partners for collaboration and most important, develop the marketing


Overall it's good, we hired 7 native teachers for LocoKids in less than 2 months with a budget of 226USD. 
5 native are staying
They all got a good experience except Haley which is so so
More communication with me will be appreciated, especially about the hiring goal and the budget
The website start to get visits from Google and Bing, people start to talk about us
I received the last 3 months over 400 CV, but most of them aren't interesting
We start to have teachers that plan in advance to work with us, which allow us to be more prepared
Our packages are really good, teachers love it and the majority think it's "too good to be true", Haley, Cameron and Jason + many applicants told me that.

To hire a lot of teachers, we need first a budget. It takes 3 months to bring a teacher, the later I get the budget, the late the teacher will come.