No Experience? No problem!

You are really interested about teaching English abroad, especially in China, but you unfortunately don't have experience. You're a bit scared of going to a new country without experience, and not sure of having a job once there, accommodation and so on... and that's NORMAL. 

With Loco Teachers, if you have no experience, we train you AND we charge the training ONLY if you get the job, after you first month of salary.

How it works?

  1. You send us your CV
  2. We have a video interview with you
  3. We do your visa
  4. We show you around Beijing and presentations with the other Loco Teachers
  5. We train you for 2-4 weeks depending on your level
  6. You'll be placed in one of our school and can start your new life in Beijing!

Why Training is Important?

With our training, you have 100% chance to get a job, and a job with a good salary. China is an amazing country with a lot of opportunities, but it's important to be prepared and having a team that will always be with you from your arrival until your departure.