So you want to join our team? Here’s a few things you should know about us first

What we do –

We are teachers!

We provide our teachers with training to ensure they are as qualified and skilled as possible for the many lessons ahead, this is done by our experienced training team. Unlike many other English teaching companies throughout the city, we provide our teachers with all the materials necessary to teach the class which helps ensure the class flows smoothly getting the best out of the respective students. All materials are designed by our enthusiastic curriculum staff and are formatted via multiple platforms not just the traditional paper worksheets.

As an English teacher for Locoteachers you not only get to teach the kids standardised topics, but are also able to educate them about life. This is seen in the many events we hold throughout the school year such as the Locoteachers ‘Halloween event’, which are great fun for all those involved.

When working as an ‘in home’ Locoteacher you’re given the opportunity to really get to know your students on a personal level as the class groups range from 1-5 students. No other company in the industry can say they offer this, with the results and progress of our students reinforcing the point that this ‘in home’ way of learning works. It allows our students to really enjoy learning English and for the teacher there’s no better feeling than knowing that you’ve had a positive impact on someone’s life.

those working in one of our partnering kindergartens get the chance to really experience what the educational system is like here in china and are presented with an opportunity to shape a group for the better. This provides teachers with a more formal structured setting and can offer the feeling of a more ‘professional’ environment.

What we provide –

Any successful business needs good communication and respect throughout its levels of employment. Here at Locoteachers we respect all agreements and provide the best assistance for our teachers in not only their work, but also personal life.

As China is a Visa requiring company, we provide assistance in acquiring a visa and all it entails. Another pressing issue for our new teachers is finding accommodation. As a company we can provide this or offer assistance depending on the demand and contractual agreements of the given teacher. The accommodation found will be located nearby your class as it provides comfort and security and minimises time and money spent travelling.

Being a team is very important to us and because of this we offer frequent team building trips. These trips allow our teachers to communicate and share ideas/stories with other teachers in our team, which provide our teachers with the opportunity to grow and learn from each other.

Where we are located-

Our main office is located in the centre of the city Beijing and just like the rest of the city is easily accessible by subway. We are located on Line 6 which is the line that runs east to west right through the center of the city.

As we have multiple partnering kindergartens throughout the city, you have the possibility to be located in a chosen area or where there is demand.