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By Jason

Hutong in Beijing

Accommodation is a big part of living in China. Being close to everything and everyone that you need to go and see is a big juggling act. Here at Loco Teachers, we look after our Loco Family as best we can.

Whether it is a full time teacher or a part time teacher, we will always be in your corner helping you to find a place to live that is central enough to see plenty of what China has to offer and, of course, close enough to your groups and classes that you will be teaching.

We know how the Real estate agents are here in China and we don’t want them to take advantage of our teacher so we will always help out to, at the very least, help you look for a place and make sure everything is above board and meets our standards.

Accommodation in Beijing: Apartments

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    From 120 to 550USD monthly
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    With roommates
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    Free heater in Winter

Generally speaking, the prices of a Chinese apartment is way cheaper than most places in western countries or eat Asian countries. For a lower end apartment, you can expect to spend anywhere from 800 RMB ($120) to 4000 RMB ($550) a month for a very good place. Unlike most other places where you pay rent weekly or fortnightly, here it is only a month, and it really is cheaper than western countries.

Beijing Traditional House: Hutongs

If you want to splurge a little more on where you'll be living, a hutong is the perfect choice for that. Hutongs are more like the traditional Chinese housing that have really become popular throughout Beijing. These are especially good for people that want to have a true feel for the culture and an authentic experience.

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    City Center
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    From 360 to 860USD monthly
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    Surrounded by Nature

In that regard, hutongs are good since you would be around the people of Beijing and experiencing the daily life with the people that have lived in those sort of places for generations.
Since these types of places are the typical and traditional Chinese housing, you can expect to find them by their large and extravagant red, wooden doors that are lined with red Chinese lanterns that light the doors.

The usual hutong are normally 1 to 2 stories high that have a outside community restroom, but on the higher end of a hutong, you might find them to be a few more stories high with your own bathroom and could even be lucky enough to land a small but beautiful outside seating area that is like a small, communal backyard.

Generally speaking, the hutongs can range anywhere from 2500 RMB ($360) to 6000 RMB ($860).

While on the topic, the 5 rings of Beijing are what can determine the pricing and closeness to many different things. Like most places in the world, the closer to the center, the more expensive but more accessible things will be to you, progressively getting cheaper as you go further and further into the outer rings.

The inner most ring is set for government and the more important things here in Beijing. The second is primarily a “business district” where all the big companies have set up. The third ring and beyond is where you will probably be staying. Like stated above, the further you go out, the cheaper it will essentially become but what you are spending more in the inner rings is for the luxury of a nicer place and being even closer to essentials like more train and subway stations.

There is some exceptions of course, for example, the Shunyi district is further than the 5th ring but is more expensive than the city center.

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