Many of us have a lot of cliche when it's about China, and the question knowing them is: why is there so many foreigners in China? Ask any group of foreigners in China and you’re bound to hear a different story from every single one of them. Here we will see what are the reasons foreigners choose to come and work in the world’s fastest-growing economy.

foreigners working in China

1 - The Ease of Saving Money

People have always gone to where there is money, and China is THE place now. "Working in China is incredibly easy, even when you don't speak Mandarin" said Myriam, 26, from California, who is also learning mandarin. "There are plenty of money making opportunities, but the easiest way when you just arrive is definitely English teaching" says expat Michael, whose friends back home in New York are struggling with just few hundreds dollars left in the end of the month, "if not less".

2 - Career opportunities

You don't just save money in China, you also easily have a faster career development than any country in the West. In China, being a foreigner is a plus (and being white even more, which is a bit racist). There is no need of internship, you will actually being considered for a job easily here. Opportunities are open to more people in China, and just for that, it worth it. Many expats comes to China as en ESL teacher and then get experience in what they like, like that back home they have an excellent CV.

3 - No stress

We all have this idea of hard working Chinese.. until we arrive in China. China is growing fast but work here is almost stress free. Life is comfortable, exciting and cheap here.

4 - Travel opportunities

China has a lot of holidays that allows you to travel, and travelling in Asia is really cheap from China! "The first year in China, I've been to Maldives, Bali, Seoul, Tokyo and Paris" said Jeremy, a LocoTeacher.

5 - Your CV

Proficiency in Mandarin and experience oversea can open plenty of high paid opportunities. Companies are always looking for candidates who have already an experience in China, since it's for most of the country their first economical partner. You'll have in your bags an experience abroad, in the first economical power with a complete different culture, and that's gold.

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