What happened?

As you may know, the LocoTeachers app  in Wechat stopped working and sent an automatic message in Chinese. This is normal, and don't worry, nothing is lost, it's simply a transfer.

LocoTeachers grows fast, first it was a small department in another company, but now LocoTeachers is independent and we have to link the Wechat Official Account to the new company. 

Why you didn't told us what will happened?

We're really sorry about that, but we didn't know as well. We knew that the transfer will come but we didn't know when and that it will be automatic. We were as surprised as you, that's the charm of China I guess!

So now, what?

You have to wait 48h to get access to all the features, but classes continue of course. Only the Wechat Official Account is temporary out. 

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