Why Should You Join Us?

Why should I join LocoTeachers?
 You’ve decided that you want to become an English Teacher.  That's great! But why should you work with us? Why not trying to find a job on your own?

It's a legit question that bring us to the culture and reputation of China. There is good and terrible agencies out there, combine to a lot of misinformation or too old information on the internet, we have the current situation. China changes law as fast as its economy is growing, that's why you need a serious company based in China and not abroad. 

As a professional agency we don't charge you. We ONLY charge the school. And as a school, we simply charge nothing, since we need a teacher for us. 

LocoTeachers got quickly the reputation of having the best interests for teachers and to don't hesitate to help and defend them in any case. That's why we became popular among the teachers in China, and now we’ve got a great reputation in the ESL industry.
Recently, even the government allowed us to advertise in the subway in Beijing. Not a lot of recruiters have that, right?  

Why Do Schools Use Our Services?

Schools in China have different needs when it's about teachers.

1. Great schools are specific and very selective of their teachers. To interview that many teachers for a few teaching positions is really expensive and consume a lot of time. This is why many schools rely on us to find them teachers. And us, we propose more benefits to the teachers, such as a welcome pack, activities, tips, and the fact that you can contact us any time for any information. 

2. Many schools aren't big enough to take care of the recruitment or simply just want to do what they do the best: running a school.

3. With our experience, schools can easily trust us. Our team is young and our offices are close to the schools.

4. We ensure that the teacher enjoy his stay, and a happy teacher is a teacher that makes the students happy. Win - win.

5. Hiring a teacher is really expensive and time consuming, some recruiters just don't care about the teachers, and in the end the teacher will just leave the school before the end of his contract. That's why schools need a serious company, and what best than a recruiting company that is a school in the same time? 

6. Not every school can afford a bilingual HR staff.

Why Do Teachers Use Our Services?

There is plenty of reasons:

1. we provide teachers legitimate contracts and high compensation. Also, we're in China, we're not just a website that take care of your recruitment online. We personally know the school, and our job positions are from our schools or partners that we know personally.

2. Our team is made by many nationalities, but mostly Chinese. We have a legal department that take care of the visa and contract which ensure the maximum of protection. 

3. We even provide services to experienced teachers, simply because we'e an agency that has your back and that you can enjoy more benefits. Finding a school by your own is risky and you have to pay the visa fee, since we don't charge the teacher there is no reason to don't join us!

4. Our team is also made by teachers with experience, we know your concerns and we know how to solve it.

What can you expect with us?

It's a Match!

We aim to ensure that our teachers are motivated and capable of teaching in China. It's important to make a good match between a teacher and a school in China, it's actually a part of our reputation and it ensures the continued success of our company. 

How do I know if you're legitimate?

A legitimate agency is a licensed company that deals directly with schools. It doesn’t rely on third parties to do their business, and it doesn't only rely on a website. A legitimate company will never charge you or pay you in cash, also, only a working visa is acceptable to work in China. You can visit our offices anytime you want.

Welcome pack

We take care of EVERYTHING. Your visa, your arrival, apartment viewings, tips, and we even provide you for free with a fast VPN to be able to enjoy Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Instagram and all those websites blocked here. 
The only thing you'll have to do is to teach and enjoy your stay in China, because time flies!


We provide a full support, from booking your flight to misunderstanding with your landlord and what dish to recommend in a Xinjiang restaurant. And this is all the time, not only in the beginning. We do care about you, that allow us to make our services better and better each year. 

Almost all of the people employed by us were once ESL teachers themselves so they can sympathize with any issues that you may be facing, because the likelihood is that it will be something they have faced themselves. This also means that they’ll have great advice on how to deal with certain issues that may arise during your year abroad. Not sure how to deal with your new school manager? Ask us! Wondering how to deal with a child in your classroom? We're here!

Since we're a school ourselves and that we take care of our teachers, we can’t take in a massive amount of teachers into our programs every year. And we believe that is the best way to have the best reputation. 

Using our service is a guaranteed way of having a stress free move to China so you can enjoy what should be enjoyed when you are there. So the question isn’t why should I use your service? The question is, why not?

So what are you waiting for? Apply for a teaching position with LocoTeachers now. We take the stress out of your move to China!


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