Teach English abroad, teach English in China! If you're looking for a way to get more experience, live abroad and save money to travel the world or pay off your student loans, China is the perfect place.

If you're interested in a Full Time, we have plenty of positions all around China.

  • Teacher in a school (14-20k ~ 2.150-3.000USD)

  • Home Tutoring (14-25k ~ 2.150 - 4.000USD without bonus)

  • Curriculum Developper (15-25k 2.300 - 4.000USD)

We will send you all the details via email (it is easier and at least you won't miss it!)

Kindly send your CV + introduction video to ryan@locokids.cn and don't forget to mention when are you available to work.

Download our Free Guide to find out the different kind of jobs available in China.

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