We're a young start up that is BOOMING! Why? Because we're experts. Our team is only made by talented people with experience. We built trust among schools and teachers.. but not only, the Chinese Government also. In not even 6 months we were allowed to publish an ad in the subway, which is an exception and rarely seen here. 

Problems solver

That's what we do, there's a lot of great opportunities in China, but there's no trust anymore. Classic companies are opaque, old (they will call that experienced, but hey..), they discriminate and abuse of their authority to make you work more and paying you less.

That's a lot of problems, and we decided to solve them.

We are transparent

Our transparency policy is simple, you can see your payment anytime, in direct and withdraw when you want.

We are free

You pay nothing, and we don't take commission from your salary, so we keep the salaries really high just for you guys! 

We don't discriminate

Man, woman, white, brown, black, yellow, blue, gray, whatever! Are you ready to teach and do a good job? You're more than welcome!

We pay really high

Because all good work deserves a good salary. We all want to travel and work abroad, and mostly the reason is to earn more and be able to save. That's what we allow you to do. 

We're young and experienced

Our team is made by experienced people with different background, from teachers and travelers to curriculum developer, we know everything about ESL teaching and living abroad. We work closely with the government and we have our own system which allow us a lot of freedom for cooperation. 

Don't forget to download our Free Guide

In this Guide, you'll know everything about teaching English in China.

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